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2018 Conference

The 2018 Small Producers Conference program can be found here

Small Producers Initiative logoThe 2018 Small Producers Conference was held August 13-15, 2018 in the Department of Agriculture at Texas State University. Registration was $75-90 and participants were limited to 150.

Scholarships were provided to qualified attendees, and a small equipment demonstration occurred on August 15th.

Post-conference feedback:

A small vegetable producer in Cameron County, on the 2018 Small Producer Conference (emphasis added): 

“I have made huge progress... I was just approved for 4 high tunnels and drip irrigation through NRCS…I wouldn’t have considered applying if I hadn't had the opportunity to meet new connections face to face… Perfect example of what just being informed and involved can do. You guys provide a great service in hosting these conventions and give people like me hope and confidence to reach out to our resources. It would have taken me 5-7 years to gather the funds on my own to get to this point I was able to achieve it in a year.” 

Directions to Agriculture Building at Texas State University

Directions to Ag Building at Texas State University

Tentative Schedule


Conference Registration Closed.